Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I'm Doing

I graduated high school in June, and I'll be going to Tufts University in September 2009. This blog is for me to keep in touch with everyone back home while I'm away on my gap year. In July I went to Uganda with Invisible Children for two weeks, and eventually I'll copy my travel journal from that trip onto this blog. It won't be for a while though; I leave the day after tomorrow, and I'm not going to have regular internet access until I get home next May. I'm doing a program called Thinking Beyond Borders. I'll have internet at various points during the trip, and I'll update this whenever I can.

Here's the program itinerary:
Orientation: One Week - Costa Rica: Introduction to Curriculum, Team Building, Goal Setting, Safety Training
Unit 1: One Month - Ecuador: Clean Water and Development
Enrichment Week: Peru: Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Unit 2: One Month - China: Public Education and Economic Growth
Enrichment Week: Cambodia: Angkor Wat and Beaches
Unit 3: One Month - Vietnam: Environmental Conservation
Enrichment Week: Thailand: SCUBA Certification
Unit 4: One Month - India: Sustainable Agriculture
Enrichment Week: Delhi: Delhi and Taj Mahal
Unit 5: One Month - South Africa: Public Health & the AIDS Epidemic
Enrichment Week: Addo Park: Safari in Addo National Park
Culmination: Six Weeks - USA: Processing and Presenting

While I'm away you can email me, but I may not get it for ages or have the chance to respond. If you want to write to me (or send food!), these are my addresses:

The dates listed here account for weekends when offices may be closed as well as travel and so are NOT the actual date when students will be leaving the country.

ECUADOR - Mail can be received in Ecuador until October 17th.
FundaciĆ³n Yanapuma
Veintimilla E8-125 y 6 de Diciembre

CHINA - Mail can be received in China until November 11th.
Lu Yuan and Sam Mitchell
Center for Cultural Learning and Development
School of International Education
Yunnan Nationalities University
12.1 Street #134
Kunming, Yunnan, 650031

VIETNAM - Mail can be received in Vietnam until January 1st.
c/o Rylan Higgins
1B Pham Ngoc Thach
District One
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

INDIA - Mail can be received in India until February 6th.
Manda Parikh
Indian Society for Community Education
Community Education House off Ashram Road
Navjivan Press Road
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

SOUTH AFRICA - Mail can be received in South Africa until March 16th.
Mr. Rocky Reeder
Willing Workers in South Africa – WWISA
PO Box 2413
Plettenberg Bay, 6600
South Africa


Callum said...

I hope the trip to Costa Rica went well and that you're having a great time. We love you and miss you.

Dad, Mum, Isabel (and not forgetting Tia!)

Catherine said...

Hi Honey. The flight delay email from Sandy makes me think you are on the same flight as she, Robin and Nina. That must have been a surprise! Loving you and missing you already.